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Based in Riverina, Ragen IT Solutions is a specialist provider of managed IT services to companies around regional New South Wales.

One core business aspect of Ragen IT Solutions is assessing your business needs accurately. From there, we can then design and propose the best solutions based on evaluating costs, benefits and security. Whether it is a Cloud, Hybrid (cloud and on premises) or Fully on Premises solution, you will enjoy a system that works well for your business.

Going against the grain of other managed service providers who would gladly push sales of their servers, which provides them with the best return on investment, Ragen IT Solutions puts forward cloud management options such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. Cloud management systems not only require far less maintenance, they also don’t depend on cyclic server upgrades or worrisome redundancy. Cloud management systems can also be more cost-effective depending on your requirements. Cloud services often have little upfront cost, with monthly payments to ease your business cash flow.

home_featured04Rather than having to pay an exorbitant amount outright for a server, Ragen IT Solutions’ cloud management costs merely in the hundreds, alongside affordable monthly management fees.

Innovation solutions such as this is has drawn and retained clients for the managed IT services provider, who has dealt with a broad range of clients including medical professionals, dental clinics, real estate agents, accounting firms and veterinary clinics; providing on and off site IT support.

Ragen IT Solutions is led by IT specialist Scott Ragen. Scott’s IT career began as a UNIX and network
administrator in Sydney working for prominent corporate transport management companies.

After 9 years building a name for his capabilities, Scott moved to Port Macquarie, where he lent his expertise to Managed IT services; overseeing clients with over 300 users, multiple sites and over 20 physical and 50 virtual machines.


Ragen IT Solutions aims to help Australian companies embrace new technology that streamlines practices, moving their businesses forward by creating more time to focus on what they love doing.


Professionalism | Accessibility | Listening to Your Business Needs


Regardless of your business requirements, Ragen IT Solutions works proactively to tailor system with your best interests and optimal productivity in mind – we don’t push products or services that simply cost the most. We seek to understand your needs so you get the most out of dealing with us.

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